India Bhawan features traditional Indian cuisine inspired by the most northern regions of Punjab and Rajasthan, to the more tropical southern regions of Andhra and Tamil Nadu. From the unique variance of our daily lunch buffet to our more distinctive A` la carte menu, India Bhawan will take you on a culinary journey through the largely diverse subcontinent of India.

Our food is spiced and priced to tantalize and suit the mood of the neighborhood. India Bhawan is the perfect place for a festive night out and affordable enough for a mid-week meal after a busy day at work. Lighter, occasionally spicier and more varied in flavors than the cuisines of other parts of India, the menu at India Bhawan will remain ingredient and tradition-driven, while offering innovative interpretations of North and South Indian ”home-style” cooking.

You haven’t really had truly authentic Indian food till you’ve dined at India Bhawan.